Poultry Feed

Chick starter

20% protein ration for replacement pullets, fed from 1 day old to 6 weeks old. Has Amprol in the feed to aid in coccidiosis prevention.

Complete grower

16% growing ration for replacement pullets. Fed from 7 weeks of age until egg production begins. Also can be used to finish Roasting type birds.

18% layer ration

18% protein high energy laying ration for use in young layers through out the production period. Formulated for high production and body maintenance.

Broiler starter

20.5% protein high energy broiler ration to be used from day of hatch to three weeks of age. Comes with lasalocid for coccidiosis prevention.

Broiler finisher

19% high energy broiler ration to be fed from 5 weeks of age to market. Comes with Amprolium to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.

Turkey Starter

26% protein turkey ration to be fed until 8 weeks of age. Comes with amprolium for coccidiosis prevention and growth promotion.

Turkey grower

22% protein turkey ration to be fed from 8 weeks of age until 12 weeks of age or 5 days before slaughter. Nitarsone added for prevention of blackhead.

41% layer concentrate

41% protein layer concentrate to be thoroughly mixed with grain to achieve needed protein level.

22% breeder

fed as a complete ration to chickens that are currently laying fertile eggs.

Custom Poultry Feeds to Fit Your Needs

The following is a list of other poultry feeds that are available in bulk or 1 ton minimum quantity. We can also custom make any feed to meet your specific needs.

Custom Feed Options:

  • 18% grower medicated or plain
  • Chick starter and grower concentrate
  • 17,18,and 19% breeder ration
  • 38% breeder concentrate
  • 15,17,and 19% layer ration
  • Broiler grower
  • 30% turkey pre starter
  • 18% turkey grower
  • 14,and 16% turkey finisher
  • 43% turkey grower concentrate
  • 41% turkey finisher