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Premium Beef Nutrition: Tailored Feeds for Optimal Growth and Performance

Our custom beef feeds are specifically designed to meet the unique nutritional requirements of beef cattle, supporting their optimal growth and performance. We understand that each stage of beef production demands different nutritional needs, and our feeds are meticulously formulated to address these requirements. Whether you have growing calves, developing heifers, or finishing steers, our tailored beef feeds offer a balanced blend of proteins, energy sources, vitamins, and minerals. By utilizing high-quality ingredients and incorporating the latest advancements in beef nutrition, we ensure that our feeds promote efficient weight gain, muscle development, and overall herd health. With our custom beef feeds, you can be confident in providing your cattle with the precise nutrition they need for maximum productivity, profitability, and overall success in the beef industry.

Enhanced Beef Feed Formulations for Superior Performance and Health

Enhanced Beef Feed Formulations for Superior Performance and Health

Our beef feed formulations are carefully crafted to deliver superior performance and maintain the overall health of your cattle. We understand the importance of providing high-quality nutrition to support optimal growth, efficient weight gain, and robust immune systems. Our beef feed options are formulated with a precise balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to meet the specific nutritional needs of beef cattle at various stages of development and production. By using premium ingredients and adhering to stringent quality standards, we ensure that our beef feeds provide the necessary nutrients for healthy muscle development, proper rumen function, and overall well-being. With our enhanced beef feed formulations, you can trust that your cattle will receive the nutrition they need to thrive, resulting in improved performance, increased market value, and the foundation for a successful beef operation.

Steer Feed Steer Feed

A complete texturized 13% protein feed that can be used for the back yard freezer beef steer or for the show steer you are getting ready for the local fair. A very palatable feed containing all the necessary nutrients to get your steer to the desired weight quickly and efficiently with a nice finished “bloom”.

35% Beef Supplement

A high protein supplement containing 10% crude protein from non-protein nitrogen sources for an economical method for putting weight on your steers. This concentrate contains all the necessary nutrients for your growing steers when fed at the rate of 2 pounds per head per day along with your own home grown grains. This feed is available with or without Bovatec which can give you an even better rate of gain efficiency with no withdrawal prior to slaughter.

B-1200 Cattle Supplement

A complete mineral pack containing Bovatec that can used when you have your own home grown grains and a protein source such as whole soybeans or soybean meal. The recommended feeding level is 5.3 ounces per head per day to provide 200 mg of Bovatec daily.