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Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Needs: Delivery, Nutrition Expertise, and Beyond with Gehman Feed Mill

At Gehman Feed Mill, we are committed to providing comprehensive services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our expertise extends beyond just delivery; we offer a range of specialized services to ensure you have everything you require for optimal animal nutrition. Whether you need customized feed formulations, nutritional consultations, or assistance with feed management, our dedicated professionals are here to support you. Trust Gehman Feed Mill for exceptional services that go above and beyond the basics, helping you achieve outstanding results in animal nutrition and overall farm performance.

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Efficient Delivery Solutions: Timely and Reliable Services

Efficient Delivery Solutions: Timely and Reliable Services

At Gehman Feed Mill, we take pride in our reliable and efficient delivery services. With our dedicated fleet of trucks, we ensure timely transportation of feed and grain to meet your needs. Our bulk trucks are equipped with advanced capabilities, allowing us to effortlessly blow or auger feed and grain directly into your bins, making the process seamless and hassle-free. Additionally, we have a fleet of trucks specifically designated for bag deliveries, ensuring that you receive your orders conveniently and in excellent condition. Count on us to deliver your feed and grain products with precision and professionalism.


Elevating Animal Health and Performance: Nutrition Excellence

At Gehman Feed Mill, we prioritize the health and performance of your animals, which is why we have our own dedicated Nutritionist on staff. Our Nutritionist is equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise in animal nutrition, enabling them to provide you with personalized dairy rations tailored to your specific needs. By analyzing your current on-farm forages and understanding your herd’s requirements, our Nutritionist can formulate a ration that optimizes the nutritional value and promotes optimal animal health. Moreover, we understand that some customers may already be working with their own Nutritionist. In such cases, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs by custom mixing rations based on the recommendations provided by your Nutritionist. At Gehman Feed Mill, we are committed to offering flexible and specialized nutrition solutions to ensure the well-being and success of your animals.


Your Trusted Partner in Feed Solutions: Knowledgeable and Supportive Sales Team

At Gehman Feed Mill, our dedicated and experienced on-the-road sales staff goes above and beyond to serve as your trusted partners in feed solutions. With their firsthand personal experience in the dairy and beef industries, our sales team understands the unique challenges and requirements of farmers. They work closely with our Nutritionist, ensuring a seamless collaboration to provide you with comprehensive support. Not only can our sales staff assist with order placement and logistics, but they also offer practical recommendations and advice based on their industry knowledge. Their insights and expertise enable them to provide valuable guidance, helping you make informed decisions for your farm’s success. Count on our sales team at Gehman Feed Mill to deliver exceptional customer service and reliable expertise, every step of the way.


Secure Your Grain Supply: Grain Bank Services

At Gehman Feed Mill, we understand the importance of a secure grain supply for farmers. That’s why we offer convenient grain banking options for corn and soybeans. Our grain banking services provide a reliable solution for storing and managing your grain inventory. By utilizing our grain bank, you can safeguard your grain, ensuring its quality and availability for future use or sale. For more information and to explore the benefits of our grain banking services, we invite you to give us a call. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you and provide further details tailored to your requirements. Secure your grain supply with Gehman Feed Mill and experience the peace of mind that comes with a trusted grain banking partner.