About Gehman Feed Mill

Paul H Gehman purchased a small feed mill in 1947. The buildings were built in 1895, and used for a coal and lumber business. It was also used as a wagon shop. As automobiles became more popular, they forced out the carriage business. When Paul started the business, it was primarily a Beacon feed dealer. As the business began to grow, Paul started to create his own line of feeds. Over the years a lot of changes were made to accommodate the growing business. Silos for grain storage, along with tanks and bins for ingredients and feed were added. There was a major addition added to the mill in the 1960's. Mixers and other milling equipment were added. The fleet of trucks started with a couple of small trucks for hauling bags, and has now grown to 9 tank trucks for hauling bulk, and 3 trucks for hauling bags. Today we make a full line of feed for farm animals and pets.